Topics of Go Silicon Valley


Topics of Go Silicon Valley

What factors are critical for an innovation-friendly corporate culture, which not only improves the status quo but opens up new opportunities? And under what conditions can a successful digitization in business succeed in this context? It is clear that the change affects many dimensions and is not just a matter of technology.

The SME sector is only just at the beginning of the digital transformation, for which there is no blueprint and in particular provides completely new demands on the management.

We want to encourage decision-makers to discuss the relevant issues within our network and use the expertise here to draw up concrete proposals for action.

Corporate strategy


  • What conditions must be created in order to strategically move the business goal of digital maturity to the center?
  • How should a new strategy be developed, with the potential to allow the use of digitization in the company?
  • How can a digital roadmap be developed within the strategy?
  • How can the strategy be communicated within the company in order to obtain broad support?

Agile Management


  • How can employees being taught strategic orientation within the transformation process, despite dynamic changes?
  • How is it possible to make a more networking-based and project-oriented organization work with more personal responsibility for the employees, from a management point of view?
  • How can flat hierarchies, agile ways of working and a customer-focused service orientation be established within the workforce?
  • How can a responsive organization be structured?

Digital Corporate Culture


  • How can digital data be used for continuous process improvements and systematic use to optimize the interaction of IT, organizational development and human resources?
  • How can open social media platforms be used across departments?
  • How can a culture be established, where errors are tolerated and are discussed to learn from this?
  • How can product and service development are placed customer centered, before any internal implementation is planned?

Flexible work arrangements


  • How can collaborative work styles integrate in particular companies which are built on rigid process structures?
  • How to organize flexible and autonomous teams that focus defined customer problems?
  • How can we organize flexible teams that are set up project based on their competences?
  • How can networking of employees and teams be promoted for the informal exchange of information and knowledge transfer?

Learning Organization


  • How can employees be integrated in the digital transformation process with their knowledge?
  • How can spaces for reflections be created, where individuals and teams can share their ideas and experiences?
  • How can the skills of employees be developed and used best?
  • How can process orientation and self-regulation, as well as cooperation and conflict solving skills, be developed within the team?

Related topics


  • Bring your topics, key questions and impulses. We look forward to your input.