Getting better. Learn from the best.

How to improve and develop the ability to innovate within companies and teams? Which frameworks are crucial in this context, and where to find helpful ideas?

On these questions we offer you, depending on the maturity level of your company, tailor-made methods, formats and impulses.

Innovation workshop

The topic of innovation and digitalization is a broad field. It’s important for you to narrow down specific areas and to sharpen the focus for further development steps.

You want to define the specific research areas for your innovation project, understand difficult situations from a customer perspective and identify innovation drivers and barriers? And you want to determine the critical success conditions in your company for an innovation-friendly culture?

In this case, our 1-2-day innovation workshop is the best way to start. We exam your cultural history, discuss the situation of your business environment, as well as your business challenges. With methods, such as Design-Thinking or Lean Innovation, we develop a new understanding of creative and interdisciplinary collaboration, interactive and rapid development processes and work on first prototypical solutions.



Silicon Valley Innovation Journey

Silicon Valley is the most dynamic economy in the world, because standards are set here, global (mega-) trends are developed and it’s the spot where the most innovative tech companies are founded.

Again and again the question comes up, which forms of corporate culture, management and work organization influence and support this unique ability to innovate?

The five-day Innovation Journey, with a maximum of 10 participants, give you an answer to these and other questions. In meetings with renowned entrepreneurs from startups, tech and venture capital companies, as well as institutions such as Stanford University, you will get impulses, expand your network and enhance what you know about the culture of innovation.

Innovation Lab

It’s very common that many good ideas already slumber in the minds of your employees and may need to be refined or only driven with our know-how. And sometimes only through a set of methods the internally available knowledge is made visible.

If you want to work for a specified period of time with your project team and our innovation experts on  interdisciplinary topics, then our Innovation Lab will be the right format.

In our Innovation Lab we provide all the necessary infrastructure. With agile methods for rapid development processes for new services, promotions or business models you will get initial solutions and prototypes. And after that we support you in transferring new approaches and ways of working in your company structure.




Virtually all industries and businesses are exposed to a pressure to innovate. In addition to the operational business, it is difficult to provide the necessary resources to develop new services or business models for many companies. In this situation, external know-how, e.g. innovative startups very helpful.

With our Accelerator Program we help young companies and their projects in a rapid, positive business development by intensive coaching or mentoring. Especially for medium-sized companies, we have developed a format to improve the capacity for innovation by the expertise of startups.

We provide you with contacts to startups from our network. Mentors and funding partners are available and accompany you in all phases of the project.

Silicon Valley Channel

Every day new topics and trends straight out of the Silicon Valley  appear on the scene. An orientation and assessment, what is really important, becomes difficult. Additionally there might be a lack of time-consuming research of relevant sources and the access to knowledge networks.

Our Silicon Valley Channel as an Information Service offers all the important topics and issues, is created individually for you and tailored to your information needs. On a regular basis you’ll get relevant news, current developments, trends and market reports regarding companies and startups.

We also provide you with access to contact persons if needed, available from our networks and information about conferences and M & A. All this Individually and with a focus on what’s really important.