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Maximizing benefits. Taking part as a member.

We welcome new members or supporters who are interested in the issues of innovation and digital transformation.

Membership benefits

  • Silicon Valley experience: Enjoy our innovation program as an insight into the success factors of Silicon Valley. Experience the dynamic corporate culture and the mindset locally.
  • Build digital competence: As a member you will be invited to make use of our network of experts from Silicon Valley and the European digital scene for building your own skills and cooperating.
  • Use knowledge transfer: Take advantage of the knowledge transfer from the diverse and interactive event formats on topics related to the digital transformation. And take the opportunity to contribute their knowledge on the network or present projects.
  • Developing a Roadmap: Use innovative methods and know-how of our network in order to develop your own digital roadmap and implement it successfully.

Services for members

  • 1/2 day expert advice / sparring on the topics of innovation and digitalization. Alternatively, experts / Panelists for corporate events / lectures, etc.
  • 10% discount for bookings of the innovation program in Silicon Valley
  • Use of innovation hub in Silicon Valley for trend-scouting or contact mediation
  • Topics centered Consulting / Scouting in Silicon Valley
  • Discount for events / workshops (each valid for 2 people)
  • Free introductory speeches on topics related to digitization, innovation, corporate culture (management, labor organizing etc.)
  • Use of first-class network (incl. Silicon Valley contacts) with cross-sector knowledge-makers and experts on issues of digital transformation
  • Continuous flow of information on the topics of innovation and digitalization (trends, best practices from companies and member companies or service providers)
  • Mediation by various experts on the topics of innovation, digitization
  • Marketing effect through intensive press work