Getting better. Learn from the best.

The Silicon Valley is not a location but a state of mind. And the reason for the dynamic culture of innovation is the unique ecosystem. What makes this creative force, is an open exchange of ideas, always questioning existing wisdom and learning from mistakes. Probably the most important thing is the positive evaluation of failure. People with different cultural backgrounds and experiences come together here. Equipped with a big dose of entrepreneurial spirit, risk-taking and equity they bring their ideas live into the world.

It is no coincidence that disruptive business models such as Intel, Uber, eBay, Google, Facebook, Dropbox or AirBnB incurred in Silicon Valley. Methods increasingly used such as lean Startup, design thinking, open innovation and agile management styles have emerged here and are one fundamental base of our events.

Towards a digital roadmap

Under the motto “get better, learn from the best” the initiative provides you with the necessary mindset, proven work and agile methods to improve innovative capacity and competitiveness.

You will benefit from a network of experts from the digital world, the science, of digital pioneer companies and pacemakers from the Silicon Valley.

To build digital literacy or new business models, we combine the knowledge of our network members, the strengths of young startups and established companies.

And as a member of our attractive innovations program, you can experience the culture of innovation and the formative factors of success of Silicon Valley yourself on site.

Interested? Membership still offers many more advantages.