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Businesswoman leading meeting at whiteboard in open plan office

Initial situation

Hella Ventures wants to identify promising startups, complementary to the core business or even with disruptive business models. Additional to this, the management and key accountants shall get an idea how startups and co-creation works and how Hella can benefit from it.

Planning always comes before success

Key Questions

  • How can we identify promising automotive startups in the European market?
  • How can we convey a better understanding of new business models and developing cycles to our executive management level?
  • How can we support a co-creation process between startups and our global key account managers?

Our range of tasks

  • Startup scouting

    Startup scouting process to identify promising early stage startups in the automotive sector


  • Event setup

    Organizing a 2 day event in Berlin for the global key account managers

  • Pitching session

    Organizing a pitching and co-creation session with startups